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Hey, Mister, Mister on the Radio

This morning on the radio, the girls were discussing how much you spend on coffee you buy out everyday. The amount, multiplied out within three years was enough for 100 pairs of designer shoes. Now, they didn’t specify how much each shoe was to cost (for me this number would probably be cut in half), but my question was when do personal luxuries become too expensive?

With one life to live, where is the line between conservation and too much sacrifice?

I am a big believer in living in the moment, impulse shopping and maintaing a balanced budget. I say, if you have the means and all of your bills are paid, what’s the hurt in playing with your expenses a little bit?

Moderation is key when shopping, but as I look around in our consumer driven society the only thing I notice is excess and making sure that said excess is sparkly.


Walking through the Coronado Mall, Kohls Department Store today I noticed how many options there were for spring/summer foot wear. I am a major flip flop addict and I love all of the affordable options Kohls offers.

As a designer-aholic I know that the quality you receive from higher priced merchandise is more often times than not, a necessity. However, during the hotter seasons, I find myself being a lot less picky when it comes to the brand of my shoes and more obsessed with quantity, diversity and fashionability.

Flip flops are no exception to this rule. I will buy any and every flip flop that catches my eye, as long as they are reasonably priced (okay, so there is an exception to this rule when it comes to Michael Kors and his rhinestone studded flip flops).


The trend for spring so far into the flip flop nation has been kitten heeled flip flops. These are a little bit harder to find, but are the epitome of the stylish girls wardrobe.

They provide that little extra oomph when it comes to the normally flat footwear.


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