Non-dairy ice-cream, yes!!!

This was beyond yum!

Vegan Chocolate Chip & Banana Ice Cream


– 5 frozen bananas

– 1 tsp vanilla

– 1 tsp yacon syrup

– 2 scoops of chocolate whey protein powder

– 1 tbsp raw agave

– 2 tbps raw cacao powder

– 1 tsp sugar free chocolate chips


1. Freeze the bananas over night. (I forgot to take off the skins, so I ended up soaking the bananas in water for about 5 minutes to get them defrosted enough to take off the skins.)

2. Dice the bananas into slices and add all of the ingredients (accept the chocolate chips) and blend until smooth like ice cream.

3. Freeze again until ready to eat. Top with chocolate chips.