Used to Scare You – August 23

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When the Jurassic Park movies came out I was in elementary school and growing up in Tucson. Society was in a jurassic-craze and this included our local McDonalds even getting a life-sized T-Rex installed (a prop from the movie, the owner had friends in Hollywood) outside of the fast food joint. I remember my cousins always throwing a fit to go here, but I was so terrified I had to be carried from the parking lot to the inside of the restaurant. There were other dinosaurs inside the establishment, but they weren’t terrifying—they were cute. This T-Rex was the villain in all of my nightmares and I truly believed that he was going to break loose and follow me home.

My jurassic fears have lessened, but I have also not been back to Tucson, since I was 8 years old. I’m not sure I could still drive past this without the smallest twinge of fear in the pit of my stomach.

Many more years later than I care to mention, I am happy to announce that I can watch the Jurassic Park movies with no fear. I have even moved so far on that I started, very recently playing the Jurassic Park iPad App.


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