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It’s Tuesday evening, let’s get glam!

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I recently stumbled upon a fabulous new makeup website—GlamST!1

You can create your own looks, tryout makeup digitally and test what shades look best on you! I love it! It reminds me of this old cd-rom I used to have when I was 13 that I burnt out, because I gave myself so many makeovers!


I love the design of the website. It’s cutesy without being overwhelming. I love it!

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What is GlamST

GlamST aims to create a positive community of women that feel comfortable with their choices and who they are. Try virtual looks, try products you would have never dare to try, find your real beauty, help other find the best looks, have fun and receive and give advice!3

More about the brand:

GlamST was started by two women co-founders, telematics engineers from Uruguay, South America. As women engineers in a male-dominated world, GlamST decided to bring innovation to a problem women face everyday: choosing make that’s best for you and spotting the latest trends. GlamST began their start-up 2.5 years ago, when we were finishing our engineering degrees from university. GlamST started it as a project and then transformed it into our business and passion for the last couple of years. At first, both of the ladies coded the first version of the software, which L’Oreal uses in our country; it was a point of sale version of the virtual tester, which automatically captures a picture of the user. The product has now evolved to GlamST: an online platform, which aims to create a new way of selecting and buying products. GlamST believes they can create a new process of selection of makeup online and that their platform will allow women to share, discuss, help, entertain and identify the best beauty products for each women.

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