Things to do when your sick – Sept 21-24

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I am going on almost a week of being sick and 3 days house bound. Consensus? Pneumonia = sucks.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation here is what to do to get by:


1. Cuddle with your yorkie-poo.


2. Drink loose leaf ginger tea.


3. Never, I repeat never let go of the Vicks vapor rub.


4. Binge watch old tv. (Will & Grace marathon? Yes, please!)


5. Discover a new TV addiction. And may I present… Jess! No, not me, Jess Day! From New Girl!

Thank you, Netflix for making this readily available in my time of need. I have almost completed two seasons (almost 50 episodes) of the 20 minute Fox phenomenon I didn’t realize was so life changing. If you haven’t seen it, stop what your doing and watch it RIGHT NOW!


6. Paint your nails. A few times. Eventually you will come up with a semi-presentable design.

photo 1

7. Text your bf a thousand sad emoticon’s so he knows your really not faking ill.


8. Jam out in the shower to the new itunes radio and realize it’s a void that has now been filled in your life. Read more on i0S 7 here if you haven’t checked out iTunes radio yet…


9. Stop plotting out ways to grow out your hair overnight like, Zooey Deschanel and just finish your New Girl marathon already!


10. Get your beauty sleep.


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