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I’m dying my hair tonight. I’m going two shades lighter and I simply cannot wait!

I’m cutting my hair Thursday night.

It’s a big hair week…

Hair care is something that everyone should do, because no matter what anyone says about your eyes or your shoes, your hair is the first thing someone sees.

Have you ever put guacamole in your hair? The gals over at the Beauty Department (Warning! Once you click the link you will become addicted to Lauren Conrad’s beauty child.) wrote a post this morning about the benefits of adding avocados to your beauty routine. Here’s a sneak peak…

“So, in an effort to revive our manes + scalp, we’ve created a tea tree mask that not only helps eliminate dandruff, dryness, and other warm-weather hair woes, but also helps us stay cool. The refreshing scent is a great way to beat the summer heat: just apply this mixture after shampooing and let it penetrate for 10 minutes (feel free to spend that time in front of the A/C or drinking a tall glass of lemonade!). Comb through and rise, and get ready for a more moisturized head of hair. If you’ve chemically treated your hair or happen to be around a group of children (a.k.a. potential lice carriers), the treatments are perfect for preventing damage and keeping bugs at bay.

Ready to whip up your very own tea tree hair mask? We’ll meet you in the kitchen!

1. Choose a base — one cup of plain yogurt or one whole avocado mashed up. Both are thick enough to act as a paste and will also moisturize with their abundance of healthy fats. Here, we chose avocados.”

Click here for more from The Beauty Department…


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