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I have a new full blown obsession and I’m finding that my wardrobe is greatly effected by this choice. I’m starting to think, What would Cinna do? If you don’t know who Cinna is, quick! Stop reading! Immediately! Download the Hunger Games stat! 

I have read the first book and thanks to an uber boring intersession class I am 20 pages shy of completing the second. Making it only a matter of time, before I click, purchase on my amazon kindle for iPad account.

The story follows the tenacious Katnisss Everdeen through District 12, a post apocolyptic world, where death is not only natural, but everywhere. She must compete in the Hunger Games, which is a district wide contest where each district must submit two tributes to fight to the death. Okay, so I know how brutal it sounds, but it’s addicting and let’s face it not anymore depressing than the nightly news!

I have officially caught the Hunger fever and I am now eagerly awaiting the release of the March movie.

What do ya’ll think? Have you heard the sweet sounds of the Mockingjay or are you still in the dark?


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