The Green Bow – May 16

Good things come in little packages, tied with a green bow.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 9.26.24 PM

I am wearing my new strength bracelet from Imblim!

Imblim is a social jewelry company, founded on the premise that jewelry connects people.  Each piece is imblimatic of friendship and love.  Worn by groups or individuals, imblims are imbued with personal meaning through shared stories.

Imblim LLC was founded by Anna Bruno in Iowa City, IA. Our jewelry is created in collaboration with Amanda Sather and Sara Shaughnessy, the very talented jewelers ofRedStart Design

Read more about Imblim here!

Each friendship bracelet comes with a customizable note card! “Share your story and mention your friends. You will receive custom note cards with your imblim to accompany each bracelet.”

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The bracelets come in three different styles and five different colors each:

The bracelets retail for $50.

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