Shoe Bathtubs

Bringing fashion to all aspects of your life – The shoe bathtub! An Italian mosaic factory has created these pieces of art, in hopes that art will imitate real life and bridge the gap between fashion, art and daily life.

Promo from the site: What can be better for any girl obsessed by the shoes after a busy day of shopping? Of course to take a cozy warm bath! The designers from the Italian company SICIS thought how wonderful it would be to combine the luxury shoe and the bathtub. This is not the new collection of shoes, this is chic bathtubs. SICIS has created a regal collection of mosaic bathtubs shaped like a woman’s high heel that are appropriately named “Audrey”. They are nicely covered with a glass mosaic (less than a tenth of an inch each) and are accessible in the wonderful variety of colours and designs. To my mind it is a real pleasure to both look and bath in this bathtub. Such a tub looks like a luxurious detail; it is beautiful and fantastic, charming and mind-blowing. It isn’t a pair of shoes you can slip your feet into, these are shoes that you can slip your entire body into. I guess it must be the perfect addition for a woman in love with shoes, or for the style conscious.

I’m a big fan of the above shoe-tub. In my imaginary future house, my darling husband will have to put up with taking bathes in a stiletto designed for beauty and functionality.


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