It’s becoming swimsuit season! Actually, every season is swimsuit season with the indoor pool at my gym… and I’m do for a new suit.

After some in town searching, I decided to trust my favorite online store—ASOS! I ordered a black one piece that should be here in two days (thanks for their premier member shopping!). I’m so excited to try it! I have loved all of my purchases from ASOS and I am looking forward to taking the plunge (no pun intended) with a swimsuit from the UK.


4 Swimsuit Myths

Myth: Never wear a white bathing suit.
Fact: A white suit in a textured fabric with a thick nude lining will block any show-through.

Myth: The more coverage, the better.
Fact: Extra fabric can emphasize the thing you want to hide. Boy shorts, for example, can squeeze and exaggerate excess flesh, whereas a string bikini adjusts to lay flat on the skin.

Myth: Wear black to look slimmer.
Fact: Navy, plum, brown, and dark green do the trick, too. Vertical and diagonal stripes and tiny prints can also make the body look leaner.

Myth: With swimwear, buy the same size as you do in clothing.
Fact: Swimsuits are typically sized smaller than clothes because they are meant to fit snugly. You may have to go up a size or two, especially with brands targeted to juniors, such as Roxy.

Myth: Everyone can wear a bikini or a tankini.
Fact: No. Just no. You should only where a two piece if you are built for a two piece. There are no exceptions.