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Ring Addiction
Ring Addiction by jcherne featuring rock jewelry

I’m a major ring addict. There is nothing like adding a little bit of extra bling to your finger. I never leave with the house without at least one ring on and these statement rings can make or break an outfit.

The cocktail ring became popular during the 1940’s. Originally titled, the “Dinner Ring”, the cocktail ring was a quick favorite for many housewives in the 40’s that wanted to add a little extra to their outfit. Today, the cocktail ring is still very much in fashion and has come to the forefront once again, these past few years.

Originally these rings started out solely in the fine jewelry market. Today, they can be found at almost any retail store and at a variety of prices. I’ve recently used Polyvore to track down interesting pieces that I have not been able to find in stores.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit how many cocktail rings I do own. It has become a hobby of mine to collect these rings, because they are so much more than a piece of jewelry, they are a work of art. What’s exciting about these rings is that they come in such a wide variety of styles. They can be simple or completely over the top, depending on whatever your mood may be at the time.

My favorite type of cocktail ring has to be the two-pronged ring. It is the largest of the bunch, encompassing two ring fingers, making it the most inspiring.

My personal collection:

(Based upon the Samantha Jones, Sex & the City cocktail ring)

Each ring makes a statement and requires a certain amount of dedication to pull off. Often, they are rather heavy to leave on all day, however, they are so fun to wear it makes the whole experience worth it!


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