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The new generation of designers have more than just fabric swatch resources at their disposal, they now have the ability to allow customers to preview their new collections online before designs hit stores.

The site allows for the user to upload their own designer pieces and/or use designer collections to compile an outfit of their choice. You can then follow the links to find out where to buy the products on the site, how much they cost and most importantly their designer.
Upcoming designer, Rebecca Minkoff has designed a site, courtesy of Polyvore, that allows for the fashionista in all of us to try on a few of her pieces without ever leaving our living room couches.

I’m really excited about more designers following in her footsteps and previewing their lines online. As a New Mexico native, I clearly don’t live anywhere near New York or Paris fashion week and in order, for me to buy fashion week fashions, I have to find other means of previewing.

The site has the full list of designer contributors, but headliners include Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu, Lanvin, etc. You can also choose who to try the clothes on – you or a celebrity of your choice.

Polyvore allows for the user to create graphics that they can use and share on their own personal websites. These graphics can stem from images solely of an item of clothing, or stem into an entire outfit, magazine layout, movie promotion, etc. Users can also comment on other users creations, which provides an interactive aspect to the website.

You can create an account through Polyvore or simply link your Facebook, Twitter or WordPress account. Through doing so you can upload your pictures immediately to the sites after you select the save option, saving you an extra step in sharing with friends!


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