My skin literally looked clearer and more radiant instantly!
Okay… I know I say this a lot, but I really mean it—this product is AMAZING! I am very picky with my skincare routine and I am terrified of breaking out, with new products.
I am always interested in bumping up my facial routine, so when I received this product in the mail, I literally stopped what I was doing and ran to try it out!
I was wearing makeup, so I first took off my makeup with my regular cleanser. After that, I began applying the mud. The mud is thick and has a gloppy (yes that’s a word) texture, that feels exactly like it’s namesake. I applied a relatively thick layer (I actually read the directions lol!) and then set my timer for 10 minutes. Immediately my skin started tingling and the longer I left the mud on, the more my face felt like I had laid fresh peppermint on it. The 10 minutes went by fast, but I could feel the mud setting on my skin and tightening. I was almost sad to take it off, because it made me feel like my skin was awakening.
Again, having read the directions, I made sure I used warm water and washed off the mask with a washcloth, in circular motions. I could tell an immediate difference in my skin texture, it was brighter and the little bump on my chin I had when I started this process, was almost gone!
I have used this product 4 times now. I use it on Saturday’s and Wednesdays (recommended once a week, but I wanted to try it twice, because I loved the results—so far, so good!). I am very pleasantly surprised with how well this mud worked and I am definitely going to work it into my regular skin routine.
About the Product
DEAD SEA MUD HAS BEEN RENOWNED FOR CENTURIES AS A NATURAL BEAUTY REMEDY! Here’s how it works: As this luxurious mud mask gently dries on your face, it draws out excess oils, impurities & grime from your skin. At the same time your skin is infused with ancient Dead Sea minerals and essential oils. This mask leaves your face clean, fresh and blemish free. Used weekly your complexion will gain a new clarity and all-day glow.
Learn About the Brand
At Pure & Essential Minerals, we seek out the world’s most ancient natural beauty regimens – timeless skin care remedies that help promote radiant skin. These include Dead Sea minerals, organic Moroccan argan oil, hemp seed oil and more.
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