Monthly Gift – Nov. 17

I look forward to getting things in the mail, but I don’t look forward to other “expected” gifts during the month.

Monthly Gift takes this theory quite literally with their monthly feminine hygiene product delivery. The brand combines your “monthly gift” with an actual gift (pad, tampons & liners) that you receive in the mail. I discovered this company on Instagram (follow their feed, it’s solid!) and knew immediately I had to try it!

My Box:

I received a free blogger box with a blogger exclusive tote, water bottle and pin! Normal monthly subscriptions vary on your cycle and come with a chocolate bar. Subscriptions begin at $10/per month ($5/per month with the current promo) and all you have to do is fill out a little survey (see below).


The Products:

I’m very picky with the “monthly” products I use. I have used OB tampons and Always for as long as I can remember, without fail. Trying new products was a little intimidating to me.

I ironically received my box last week, the same day as Aunt Flo came to visit. I didn’t hesitate in trying out the products and I have to say I was not disappointed. I was expecting to try them and go right back to my normal products, but instead I switched to them completely.

The Packaging:

You all know I’m a major branding geek. Let me tell you, Monthly Gift, got it right! From the little black box with the pink “dot,” to the “Feminist AF” memorabilia, I was hooked. The one thing I want to know is how in the world can they afford to charge as much as they do a month and still provide such high quality packaging!

Follow the brand!


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