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And I am a material girl…

Madonna is a clear force to be reckoned with and she certainly does not seem to have a shy bone in her body. The headliner of the collection, solely available at Macy’s, is now Kelly Osbourne.

Kelly Osbourne is replacing Taylor Momsen as the face of the line, due to Momsen’s erratic and outrageous behavior. It’s not unusual for designers and brands to change the face of their lines often, however, this comes as a blow to Momsen’s diminishing career. She has also just been let go from her television show, Gossip Girl.

It comes as a surprise to me that Madonna of all people, the original blonde wild child, would fire Momsen, who clearly is trying to become an edgier version of Madonna. Is this what happens when Madonna involves her daughter’s interests in her career? If so – my respect points for her just went up.

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