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Makeup for 2011 is not for the shy or faint of heart by any means, but for the confident dramatic gal in all of us. Even the usually safe neutral category requires a little more shimmer and shine than normal.

Frankly, I’m more than excited to try out these palettes.

Spring Fever

The idea of orange lips can be overwhelming, but done right these can really work for various skin tones. Matching your perfect shade is tricky, but with fabulous places like, Sephora, finding your color is easy.
If your too intimidated to try pure orange, ease yourself into the color by adding a nude lipgloss top coat.
The best way to pull of this trend is to make sure that the rest of your makeup is very clean and neutral – try emphasizing your eyes with an extra layer of mascara to tie the look together.

La vie en rose

My favorite trend is a new twist on the neutral look. The addition of rose, pinks and blush hues can be used in tone variation to create a romantic look that is sure to be exciting.
The trick here is to emphasis the eyes with the darkest shade of rose – fuchsia. Highlighting the base of the eyelash with a chocolate brown eyeliner will create a wide eyed look.


The opportunities are endless with the addition of gold into your daily makeup color choice.

Gold cheeks, eyes, lips, and a little extra shimmer can all be done in addition to any of the trends and daily routines mentioned. Gold can add a powerful glow to any look and solidify the reason for wanting a glammed up look.


If the orange lip trend was not spicy enough for you, there is always the neon throwback awaiting the brave soul.

All aspects of design are tested with this trend, aqua liner, super red lips and yellow eyeshadow. One thing about it – this could be unforgettable. Just channel the Lady Gaga inside…

I’m still not sure what I think about this one, what are your thoughts?



  1. Lauren March 24, 2011 at 2:13 pm - Reply

    I have to say I’m a little scared of the bright tones. I used to wear a lot more makeup, but even then I stuck with browns, golds, and deep purples for the most part. I would like to be more daring, but I’m still a bit intimidated. And I’m not really into the yellow eyeshadow. Don’t think I’ll EVER try that one, lol. BTW, love the use of photos throughout your blog. They are awesome 🙂

    • Jessey March 24, 2011 at 7:34 pm - Reply

      Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I have also been skittish to try yellow, but I did get brave enough to try bright neon green, which turned yellow by the end of the day… It was actually fun to try something different and I loved how unique it looked. Try a color that scares you!

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