As If! February 4

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Happy 20th Cher!

The most life touching movie of our time is hands down CLUELESS!

1) When your family are rude about your new Marni flatforms

2) When your friend tells you she’s doing dry February

3) When your friend pinches the hot man you’ve been flirting with all night

4) When you’re having a random good hair day

5) When your friend asks you how much you remember past midnight on Saturday

6) When you offer to cook dinner on Friday night

7) When you go for a professional make-over

8) When the enthusiastic new intern arrives at your office

9) When your boyfriend asks you how much that coat you just bought cost

10) When you see your housemate has borrowed your new silk top without asking

11) When your Mum calls for a Sunday chat but you’re too hungover to speak to her

12) When your little sister catches you lip synching in the mirror to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space

13) When you absolutely nail the work presentation

14) When you finally spot your pals in the club after looking for them for 40 minutes

15) When you slightly overreact to your housemate asking you to clean up the kitchen

16) When you’re hungover in a meeting at work

17) When you’ve borrowed your friend’s high heels

18) When you’re drunk and try to do a sexy Rihanna dance

19) When your friend brings chocolate into work but you’ve cut out sugar

20) When the smug couple you know try to set you up with someone



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