Healing Hands – August 11

I put my hands through hell.

I almost always have on fake nails, with layers or glue — or endless coats of nail polish. I then type all day long, my hands are always in water and I’m constantly lifting or building something I should probably have “adult” supervision for…

Needless to say, my poor hands need a little TLC.

I added Healing Nails Finger Gloves by Holika Holia on a whim after I needed to push my cart to $50+ for free shipping on Forever 21. (Note: these are now now on their site, but I did find the Amazon link and added it below.)

I was skeptical to try these, but excited nonetheless. I slipped them on after taking off my makeup the other night. I set the timer for 30 minutes and climbed into bed to watch Unreal with my hubby. They were really easy to put on, I expected to need help by the time I got to my second hand, but they were really easy and not slippery at all.

The little gloves basically act a sealer for the cuticle cream that is inside each of them. The packaging was cute and straightforward.

I am definitely adding these to my cart again and using them in-between nail treatments for a little additional coating.

Purchase yours here.


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