Having a Ball – February 22

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This is the newest addition to my work environment! I’m in my office more than I am home or at Sephora. So it’s vital I have somewhere comfortable to sit and the ability to exercise at my desk.

Have you made the bounce yet?


Benefits of Yoga Ball Chairs

  • Relieve Your Back Pain

Many people report immediate benefit after switching to a yoga chair. The muscles in your lower back no longer have to work hard on keeping you vertical because the ball is remembering the ergonomic rules for you. Your middle and upper back no longer strain from the curvature caused by hunching forward. The furniture’s design simply won’t let you do it. Furthermore, injuries such as bulging discs and sciatica become much less likely because of the ergonomic alignment you’ll be keeping throughout your day.

  • Improve Your Posture

Perfect Posture

The average American spends about 8 hours a day sitting, whether it be working, reading, or eating. This furniture piece will keep your back straight all day long. By keeping your spine in correct alignment through the day, your posture will soon adapt even when standing. You’ll start stand taller and hunching will become a thing of the past.

  • Incredible Comfort

Even a nicely padded, expensive office chair becomes uncomfortable over time. In comparison, the soft cushion of the inflatable polyurethane maintains its comfort. You’ll be able to sit longer without noticing any discomfort. All exercise balls come with pumps so you can inflate or deflate them to your optimal comfort level.

  • Core Muscle Toning

Develop Your Core Muscles

With this unique piece of office furniture, your back is no longer completely supported by a back rest. To compensate, the muscles of your core (abs, obliques, and lumbar) will tone and develop from keeping you upright. You’ll actually exercise while you’re sitting at your desk working. The balls themselves are detachable, allowing you to take short breaks to engage in the numerous exercises that are possible with it.

  • Great for Kids

Having a trouble getting your kids to sit up straight? Kids love yoga chairs because they bounce, making them fun to sit in. Many schools are actually getting rid of their traditional seats and trading them in for ball seats. Check out this article about a school in West Chester, PA that has completely moved over to yoga chairs.

The ball chair is an excellent addition to your office space. Because of their ability to foster proper ergonomic posture, they are becoming more and more popular in workplaces and schools alike. They come in many varieties and offer unique features, which you can read about below.


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