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Sparkle Up:

Every girl wants to add a little sparkle to her step that inspires her to feel confident, flawless and radiant.

Highlights are always fun, but the constant maintenance and cost can be discouraging for the girl on the go.

Hair tinsel is easy to use and provides a little glitter to your everyday hair routine.

My Newest Accessory:

Three weeks ago, I went to the salon and within fifteen minutes I had flair in my hair. The hair dresser took a few single strands of my fine hair and tied a slip not with the tinsel into my hair.

The strands are super easy to put in, but you do need an extra pair of hands to help make sure they are secure (I’m hoping that the more times I see the strands woven into the hair, the braver I will become about putting them in by myself).

Simply, take two or three strands of hair that are side by side and tie the tinsel close to your roots. Use a technique similar to that of tying a bow on a present… and voila!


Since I have had Hair Tinsel I can’t go anywhere without someone complimenting the strands or asking me where they can go to get the flair. I feel like a walking advertisement for the company, but I have to say I love the extra color peaking out in my hair and I want this product to stick around.


The product was founded by a mom who wanted to give her daughter the experience of highlights without the permanence of hair dye. What she didn’t realize at the time, was that the Hair Tinsel would turn into so much more than a craft project and more of a fashion statement for girls of all ages.

Where to buy:

The Iowa based company offers their customers multiple options for purchasing hair tinsel; in bulk (mostly salon use) or by individual color (17 choices!). Each color pack contains 100, 19 inch strands of Hair Tinsel.
Accepting all major credit cards and pay pal… and the best part is free shipping!





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