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I have always been a pink lady in my heart of hearts…

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Putting aside the cult classic, Grease was always a family favorite for me, especially between my grandma and myself. I cannot even count the hours spend dancing around the house to the soundtrack or the nights spend falling asleep with my headphones on pretending my current crush and I were Danny and Sandy.

I have been on a continuous countdown, ever since I found out Fox was going to be filming the classic LIVE on January 31st. We even planned dinner accordingly with Thunderbird Fajitas and Malt-Shop Rootbeer Floats.

When the moment finally came and we pressed play, I was at first irritated at the differentiations between the classic and the redo. Once I separated the two in my head (about 30 minutes in) I was enamored once again at the story and the music.

My biggest complaint is at the casting for Danny. Aaron Tveit tried, but it wasn’t until the last two numbers that he could really belt anything out. His vocal chomps weren’t the only thing lacking, his acting skills were okay at best, it was his dancing that solidified his presence.

Julianne Hough made me fall in love with her even more, as she was the epitome of a young Olivia Newton John. She truly did Sandra Dee justice with every flip of excellently coifed hair.

However, it was not on of the two “headliners” that stole the show, but Rizzo, played by Vanessa Hudgens. I heard the news early yesterday morning that Hudgen’s father had passed away after a struggle with cancer. I thought about her all day yesterday. I told myself it was because I had once seen her in concert and when she called out into the crowd her excitement for her first voting year, I was one of the only people to cheer. She called out to me, and laughed because everyone else in the crowd was either much younger or the parents of the young children. It might have been a brief moment, but it made me remember her. It was until ten minutes prior to the show last night when I burst into tears and realized it was because I could understand her perseverance through grief in performing. I lost my grandma when I was 13 years old. She was not only my grandmother, but truly my best friend and the light of my life. I had finish my confirmation ceremony mere days after her passing and could barely make myself function, but I had no choice. This was something that could not be rescheduled around me and I had to proceed or bow out. Maybe it was the music meaning so much or the fact that I simply understand the pain of grief all too well, but I knew how she felt last night. I was never so proud of someone I didn’t know for being able to stand up and hold in her emotions to stand with her group and do something that would make her deceased loved one proud.

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