Eyeshadow How To

///Eyeshadow How To

Your eyes are the first thing most people see, so it’s important to make sure that your eyeshadow is flawless. It’s hard to perfect an easy look to begin with, but with a little practice the following can be done in under a minute.


Start with a clean face:

Add the Benefit Eye Bright under eyes (it will appear very light, but if you massage the cream under your eyes and avoid eye contact you will have great results):

Rub the eye bright lightly into your skin with your ring finger. (A lot of people don’t realize that the ring finger is the softest finger you can use to apply makeup to your face. A former stylist of mine clued me into this trick and ever since then I have noticed a difference in the evenness of my makeup applied.)

Add your base skin color and a slightly darker pink or brown eyeshadow. This can be done with your ring finger or a fine base brush:

Keep darkening the shades until you reach your desired darkness. It’s important to line the crease of your eye with your darkest shade:

After the color on the lid is applies, get an angled brush and apply your darkest color across your lashline:

Finally, highlight underneath your brow bone with your lightest shadow, to make your eyes pop:

Curl your eyelashes before you use mascara. Place the Benefit Eyelash Curler as far back on the lash line as possible and tilt upwards towards your forehead:

Apply at least one coat of CoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion mascara to lashes. Start on the outside corner and work your way inward. I also put mascara on my bottom lashes, instead of eyeliner:

Brush off the excess mascara with a mascara brush to avoid clumping:

All done! Wasn’t that easy?!


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