Eye Brightner

How far are you willing to go for fashion? Would you go to class or the supermarket with a star on the side of your face? Recently, “fake face tattoos” have been popping up on runways and celebrities like crazy. I have yet to see anyone on campus wearing this trend and I have not been brave enough to try it.

Starlets like Shenae Grimes, have recently been photographed with the new eyeliner accessory. It takes seconds to apply and is clearly only for the fearless. The costume effect of the look is the biggest downside and if not done right, can lead to having a clown effect rather than a chic addition.

Is this new Hollywood trend going to branch over to real life or just stay on the red carpet? Kat Von D and Ke$ha obviously have moreĀ ostentatious styles than most, but I’m wondering if we will ever see this style cross over for more than just the stage. Like a temporary tattoo, the look can be changed easily and applied rapidly with any eyeliner.

Stores like Sephora, offer Kat Von D’s makeup collection which features tattoo liner, which can be used to create stars, hearts, flowers, whatever you want to draw on your face or skin. The downside to this liner (I tried it in store!) it drives out very fast and shows up lightly. If your going to try this trend, don’t splurge, but first try it out with your own eyeliner.

The last few times that I have been in Sephora I have seen one or two of the girls that work there, with this trend applied. Given their job description I think they have the most leeway with this trend. However, I can’t see this becoming something that normal women add into their daily makeup routine.

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