New shoes seriously cure the blues…


I first shopped with ShoeDazzle about a year ago and bought a handbag. Last week I was browsing and came across these shoes  I simply could not live without! I broke down and purchased not only them, but another pair (for a later post) along with ShoeDazzle’s VIP membership. Ok now I’m not one to join memberships or clubs, but this sounded perfect! For $39.99 a month, that gets distributed directly into your account on the 6th of every month, you can get free shipping and special deals on shoes, handbags, jewelry, and accessories. The money acts as an instant gift card, so you get every penny back that you spend in product. You can also skip each month, as long as you do it before the 6th. I skipped this month, since I bought shoes last week before the 6th. You can opt out at any time and the only thing you are guaranteed is product! There are no pushy sales people, I love it!

The quality is amazing and with the platform they are so easy to walk in! Shop with me!