Our schedules are really busy… finding time for Date Night is hard and sometimes impossible.

Thanks to Date Night in a Box we no longer have an excuse! The fabulous boxes contain everything you need to plan a fabulous night-in! Which let’s face it, is even better than a night-out, because I never get to be home!

The box came with:

  • Date Guideline Book (everything you need, from your dinner recipe (lemon chicken!) to ideas to have fun during your evening).
  • Cookie Mix (this was not gluten-free, so we ended up making gluten-free, dairy-free cookies on our own!)
  • Stargazing Itinerary
  • Make your own luminaria kit (These turned out so cute!!!)
  • Hot Cocoa Mix (SO delicious!!!)

We are definitely going to make time to do one of these every month!

Get yours here!