Coco Chanel

Gabrielle Bonheaur “Coco” Chanel and fashion mean so much more than just clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. Coco Chanel defined what it meant to be fashionable and how to express yourself in the most artistic manner on a daily basis. She suffered so much before she became successful, but throughout time she was able to maintain a gorgeous outlook and effortless style that is still very relevant today.

Coco Chanel changed the main idea that women were only able to wear dresses and skirts. She incorporated men’s wear into women’s wardrobes and perfected the pantsuit. This was prior to her establishing the little black dress (LBD) as a closet staple. She also reinvented what textiles were used in fashion and inducted tweed and jersey into the fashion hall of fame. The Chanel tweed suit became a fixture for many women and a signature of Jackie Kennedy.

Coco Chanel’s motto was dressing the modern women for her lifestyle, not the lifestyle she was supposed to have. Her style perfection included clothing and accessories which made the woman feel confident in her own presence.


Born: August 19, 1883 in Saumur, France

Died: January 10, 1971 in Paris, France

*Before fashion she wanted to be a singer*

*First a hat maker*

*Loved Ballet*

*Only Couturier to ever be named in Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century*

*Multiple love affairs eventually led to her bitter and reclusive nature in her latter years* 

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Future of Chanel:

Today the French couture house of Chanel is run by Karl Lagerfeld. In 1983, Lagerfeld took over as chief designer. He has followed in Coco’s footsteps and has revolutionized Haute Couture and what it means to be fashion forward in today’s world.


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