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May 2014

January 2014

“Your neuroses are like diamonds.”


Presenting... my new life mantra! "Your neuroses are like diamonds." I had to share this article from Girls star Zosia Marnet for Glamour. It was just too life changing and awesome. You can view it on Glamour here. Girls Star Zosia Mamet Shares Why Your So-Called "Flaws" Make You Awesome by Zosia Mamet We've all got our [...]

“Your neuroses are like diamonds.”2016-11-28T22:26:02-06:00

August 2013

Inspiration of the Day: Lena Dunham


Inspiration of the Day: Lena Dunham If you aren't watching HBO's "Girls," your life simply is not complete. Lena Dunham really is the voice of our generation and I have to admit I have a major girl crush on her awkwardness. However. No one. NO ONE. No one should ever forsake style for comfort. Lena [...]

Inspiration of the Day: Lena Dunham2016-11-28T22:26:12-06:00

Inspiration of the Day – Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue September 2013


'I always knew I'd be famous' - Jennifer Lawrence, Vogue - The 2013 September Issue I have a major girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence. She's funny, dramatic, beautiful, and come on who doesn't want to have their own series of action/romance movies?! I was thrilled to learn that Ms. Lawrence was gracing the cover of [...]

Inspiration of the Day – Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue September 20132016-11-28T22:26:13-06:00

Inspiration of the Day: Selena Gomez for i-D Magazine


I haven't done an inspiration of the day in a long time, but seeing Selena Gomez in this i-D Magazine covers shoot was awe-mazing. She looks totally transformed from her usually belly dancing, Justin Beiber loving self. And I don't just mean in a I want attention, for being a big girl now Spring Breakers [...]

Inspiration of the Day: Selena Gomez for i-D Magazine2016-11-28T22:26:13-06:00

July 2013

October 2011

Vogue Italia – Bella!


Italian Vogue gives Anna Wintour a run for her money every month their issue hits stands. They are constantly pushing the envelope and providing layouts that beg American to follow in the coming months. For their newest issue they have dove head first into the "doll" trend and provided viewers with an interesting outlook into [...]

Vogue Italia – Bella!2016-11-28T22:26:24-06:00

August 2011

Inspiration of the Day: Anne Hathaway


Anne Hathaway looks gorgeous in these new pictures for Interview Magazine. I love the dark, gothic, glamour conveyed in these pictures. The black and white color adds to the ambience.  […]

Inspiration of the Day: Anne Hathaway2016-11-28T22:26:25-06:00

W Magazine Kristen Stewart – Finally Pretty?


I have never understood the hype behind Kristen Stewart. I love the Twilight books and I put up with the movies (and watch them occasionally...), but she can't act and she's plain looking. Until now apparently. This might be the airbrushing talking or she is just finally being styled properly, but the girl [...]

W Magazine Kristen Stewart – Finally Pretty?2016-11-28T22:26:25-06:00

July 2011

LOVE Magazine


I have never heard of LOVE Magazine, the twice yearly published product of the U.K.'s Conde Nast productions. Apparently the magazine contains a mix of fashion, art, music, celebrities, bloggers, behind the scenes with designers, and more inspirational images/stories. I plan on buying the fall/winter 2011 edition when it becomes available on 8/22/11. [...]

LOVE Magazine2016-11-28T22:26:25-06:00