Bling Brilliance – May 28

I rarely take off my engagement ring, but when I do it’s when I’m doing something I deem “Ring Dangerous.”The Ring Cozy eliminates any need for taking off my precious ring and risking misplacing it.

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I have heard countless tales of girls who made the mistake of taking off their ring and accidentally dropped it down the sink or even in through it out accidentally (and then had to go searching through the pouring rain in New Orleans, Lien, I’m talking to you…).

The Ring Cozy fits directly over your engagement ring, and secures around your rock, with a tiny little opening. The cozy fits securely around your ring finger and ring, but is comfortable enough that you can continue on with your activities.

Ring Cozy is your partner in crime for protecting your ring while keeping it on and staying active. Perfect for active lifestyles, fitness, and travel. For men and women.

I chose the Stone Ring Cozy. It retails for $10.

For work, play, home, and on-the-go … keep your ring on, protect it, and stay active.

Features: Rock Pocket for stone coverage without added pressure to the setting. Plus a peek-a-boo view so you can still enjoy your rock while protecting your ring.

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I am so excited to not have to take off my ring when I go the gym! I can now swim, lift weights, run, do yoga, shower, and do dishes, without the fear of losing my engagement ring!


The Ring Cozy comes in five colors, so it’s perfect for whatever you might be wearing. I chose pink, because I wanted my ring finger to continue to stand out!

Ring_Cozy_Ring_Leader_largeThe Ring Cozy was developed by the resident, “Ring Leader,” (how cute is that title BTW!), Ana Maria Muñoz.

I never imagined that an engagement ring would do anything other than sit and look pretty on my finger but in fact, it did a whole lot more. It inspired me to create a brand new product and business. Up until our engagment my jewelry collection consisted of inexpensive flea market and vintage store finds. So on that snowy winter morning when I said “yes!” underneath a tree canopy in our favorite park in London, I suddenly found myself wearing a sparkly rock on my finger that looked (and felt) much different than the thrifted baubbles in my jewelry box. This ring was tremendously special and I instantly knew that I would never want to be without it.

You can read her whole story here.

logoOn a side note, I am so unbelievably obsessed with their logo! How cute is this!!!!!!???

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