Back to the real world – September 25 – 27

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I’ve been a blogging slacker this week thanks to my bronchitis, an upper respiratory infection and walking pneumonia.

The only thing that has kept me consistent company has been the last season of Dexter.

Today is my first day back to work, after missing four days and I’m missing my bed right about now.

With only four episodes to go until I watch my very last Dexter I can’t help, but feel nostalgic over the end of something raw and intense that has been a part of my life for almost four years. (I was a late comer to the series)

If you haven’t watched any of the series it’s not too late, you can watch all eight seasons on Showtime’s app.

Dexter is more than a serial killer, he is a vigilante fighting with an innate urge to tap into his inner darkness. All the while he struggles with his humanity and need for human interaction and ultimately — Love.


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