All About the Bag

//All About the Bag

All About the Bag
All About the Bag by jcherne featuring angel wings jewelry

(Brands above clockwise; Kate Spade Yellow Wicker-basket, Tiffany & Co. Straw Picnic, Dolce & Gabbanna Pink Quilted Chain, Kate Spade Black Bold Chain)

Spring accessories are bold, fearless and can be changed on a daily basis with your evolving taste. This spring embrace color and go for bold prints.

My favorite of the season has to be the straw bag, in the upper right hand corner, from Tiffany & Co. The new bag collection from the jewelry giants has just launched and it already receiving great feedback. I have already planned a stop on my road trip this coming summer, to visit Tiffany & Co. in L.A.

You don’t have to travel to get the style of these bags, but you can also go locally. Stores all over Albuquerque have already started selling variations of these styles.

So what are you waiting for? Go update your spring wardrobe with this eye catching accessory.


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