At home mani’s just got a major upgrade!

Meet the Tweexy!

Tweexy offers the ease of holding your nail polish bottle, without actually having to hold it! Just simply put the ring on your finger and plop your nail polish bottle in the opening. After one hand is wet, simply pull up on the ring and slide it onto the other hand. When your done, just pull it off and set it to the side. It’s so easy to use!!!

I have used this twice already in the week that I have had it and there is no learning curve. It’s just that easy to use!

Did I mention how much I LOVE the packaging?!

Tweexy was started by a couple that saw the need and struggle women world-wide were having juggling a nail polish bottle from one hand to the next. They designed the perfect “ring” that solves all of your nail polish holding problems! This nail polish ring holds over 1000 different types of nail polish bottles, read more here!


How does tweexy work?

1 . Gently slide tweexy on any two fingers or use ‘squeeze tabs’ to open expandable rings and place on fingers from above.

2. Insert a nail polish bottle in tweexy, press down and twist open cap.

3. Paint your nails, replace the cap, then lift tweexy off your fingers when you are finished.

4 .Repeat on your other hand.

For full instructions with photos and a short video, go here.

Buy yours now, on Amazon!

From the Brand:

  • Innovative: tweexy is the original, wearable nail polish bottle holder for doing your nails anywhere. tweexy securely and comfortably Fits All Fingers and Holds All Nail Polish Brands. Available in bonbon pink, spa green and sapphire night.
  • Practical: tweexy eliminates the need for a surface to place your polish bottle on. Easily open your nail polish bottle using one hand. Polish in a car, on a bed, standing, in a restroom, on a train or bus, at the pool or beach, on a couch or chair.
  • Compact: tweexy is small enough to fit in a makeup bag and weighs less than one ounce. tweexy is made of 100% soft, flexible and comfortable silicone rubber. Does not stretch out or tear and will retain its original shape for years and years.
  • Economical: tweexy allows you to reach every drop of polish by tilting your hand. tweexy is an affordable Mini Luxury Product, a Must Have for every busy female with an on-the-go lifestyle. Great for Bridesmaids, Hostess Gifts and Stocking Stuffers.
  • Neat: tweexy solves the problem of drips, spills and the inconvenience of reaching for the bottle. With tweexy, the bottle is always inches from your nails. Transfer tweexy from hand to hand without fear of smudging. Cleans with soap and water.

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